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Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are so special, I grew up with my mom giving me the most special birthday ~ every year ~ she would wake my twin sister and myself (right before we would open our eyes) with a beautifully decorated tray complete with small treats, hot chocolate and an apple for health and wellness for the following year.

Traditions, personalization and the feeling of a unique and memorable celebration. This is how you create epic memories for your special day. It’s never too late to start your own birthday tradition. While I'm all for a jaw-dropping, over-the-top birthday bash, there's something equally magical about a low-key soirée that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some tips to make that special someone's birthday memorable, no matter the scale.

Personality is key

If you're into party planning like I am, it's easy to get carried away with your dream scenario. But focusing on the birthday, we need to tailor celebrations to reflect their personality. Whether it's a classic black tie evening or a retro throwback, you need to make it uniquely theirs.

Less is sometimes more

I’ve often found that smaller guest lists with close friends and family can create more meaningful connections. And I love the idea of involving faraway friends with a planned phone call or a recorded video for that extra touch of love.

Setting the Vibe

Meaningful Decor: Create an atmosphere that captures the theme but don’t forget the small details; candles, mood lighting, personalized signage, and pics from the good old days.

Music/Entertainment: Dive into their musical tastes to set the mood. While a mix for everyone is good, focus on the birthday person's favorites.

Food: Whether you hire a caterer or not, make sure to include their favorite dishes. From bite-sized portions to a dessert table, you have room to be as extravagant or low-key as you want. But put in the time to layer the setting with high and low tablescapes.

Whether you're going big or keeping it cozy, the most impactful moments come from the joy and connection shared with loved ones. So, go ahead, plan that epic celebration, and let the memories unfold. You’ve got this!