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Holiday Lighting

While we can all appreciate some tinsel and nostalgic ornaments, let's not overlook the magic a well-lit space can bring. Lighting transforms any space and mood. So, grab your hot cocoa and join me as we dive into the world of holiday lighting.

No Strings Attached

Battery-operated lights are such a game-changer. If you haven’t given these a try put them on your list! Without the worry of where to find an outlet or unsightly cords, you can tailor these to match your unique style. I use both the larger strands and the delicate fairy lights. They truly offer up so many decor options. Wrap them around banisters, boost your tree lighting, scatter them on shelves, or place them inside a vase with some seasonal greenery. They come in a variety of colors, but I personally like the soft white and/or warm yellow tones for a more tranquil vibe.

Warmth without the Worry

I just love the glow of candlelight. It has all the fuzzy feels this time of year. But who needs the drama of dripping wax or playing with fire? Enter the LED candles. Realistic glow, subtle scents, long battery life, and yes, remote-controlled. Stick 'em anywhere – windowsills, lanterns, or my personal fave-by the tub after a day of holiday madness. All sizes and shapes, including the cutest tiny tea lights.

Pre Lit Charm

I seriously can’t knock the charm of pre-lit decor. This is the star of low-effort, high-reward holiday vibes. Plop a seasonal village in the right spot, and suddenly, you've got a scene straight out of a Hallmark movie. And guess what? Pre-lit garlands and wreaths are here to make your life easier, too!

String Me Along

Indoor string lights are versatile little strands that can be used in a variety of ways. Warm up nooks, make creative designs, or consider a cascade curtain of lights on walls or entryways. The warm, playful glow adds a touch of whimsy, making your space feel extra inviting.

Beyond the Ambiance - Tech Time!

I’m pretty sure I hear angels sing every time I bring out the timers and the remote plug-ins. No more unplugging madness. Set it once, and you're lit for the entire season. Or go for the remote-controlled wall plugs – some even come with multiple plugs!

Your Go-To Indoor Lighting Checklist:

Battery-Operated Lights: No cords, no hassle – just pure charm.

LED Candles: Flickering ambiance without the fuss.

Fairy Lights: Wrap, drape, and decorate your narrative.

String Lights: Whimsical or dramatic, they set a festive mood.

Timers: Set it, forget it, and let the lights tell the story.

Oh, and a friendly reminder: nails, staples, or tacks are a no-go for corded lights. Safety first, my dazzling friends! And batteries – keep those essentials close for a non-stop holiday glow. Now go deck those halls!